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A N T I - S T R E S S  M A S S A G E
The anti-stress massage does not prioritize medicinal effects but rather a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. It is customized to meet your needs and wishes.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €35


 B R E U S S   M A S S A G E
A calming, energetic back treatment along the spine.
Eases mental and bodily tension and relieves the invertebral discs.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €45


F O O T  R E F L E X  Z O N E  M A S S A G E
Energy is balanced through the reflex zones in the feet, the body’s self-healing powers are stimulated.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €45



F U L L – B O D Y  M A S S A G E
A massage of the legs, arms, breast, stomach and back to promote general relaxation.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €45


F U L L – B O D Y   A R O M A  O I L  M A S S A G E
For relaxation and to ease stress and tension. It’s worth it to stop time and experience this massage.
Duration approx. 60 min.  |  €75


H O N E Y  P L U C K  ( B A C K)
Old toxins are pulled from the tissue  and tensions are eased with the help of honey.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €30

H O T - C H O C O L A T E   M A S S A G E
Chocolate raises the  level of serotonin (the happiness hormone) in your brain and lowers the stress level, it makes you happier and relaxes at the same time. Pleasure without the calories.
Duration approx.

60 min.  |  €80
90 min.  |  €110
120 min.  |  €140


B R U S H  M A S S A G E
A tried and true remedy to ward off fatigue and pain. After a treatment with the brush you will feel relaxed and refreshed.
Duration approx. 30 min.  | €35




M I G R A I N E   T R E A T M E N T
A treatment that combines various massage techniques.
Has a soothing, relaxing effect.

Duration approx. 45 min.  |  €70



 M O C C A   F U L L - B O D Y  P E E L I N G
Frees your skin from dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and leaves your skin silky smooth and soft
Duration approx. 60 min.  |  €70



M Y O R E F L E X   T H E R A P Y
The Myoreflex therapy is used to bring about an immediate easing of tension in the muscles and muscle system in order to relieve joints and soft tissue structures.
Duration approx. 45 min.  |  €70


B A C K - S H O U L D E R - N E C K  M A S S A G E

Intensive, tension-relieving massage techniques from the sacrum to the shoulders, stimulates circulation and loosens blockages and tense muscles
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  € 30



T I B E T A N   B A C K  M A S S A G E

This massage is different from classic massages. It is an attempt to restore the missing balance between body, mind and soul.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €30



S O O T H I N G  F A C E   M A S S A G E
Relaxing stroking techniques combined with gentle kneading loosen the facial muscles and stimulate circulation.
Duration approx. 30 min.  |  €30

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