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The history of our hotel

The history of our hotel goes back to the year 1609.

In 2009 we commemorated the Hotel Hirschen’s 400-year anniversary with a 4-day celebration. On this occasion, we self-published the book “Die Geschichte eines gastlichen Hauses – 400 Jahre Hirschen Oberwolfach“ (“The History of a Guest House – 400 years of Hirschen in Oberwolfach”).
After World War II, Eberhard Junghanns began to invest more and more in the tourism sector. He rebuilt the restaurant, expanded the kitchen and added new guest rooms. The increase in tourism at the beginning of the 60’s made it advisable to purchase the two neighboring buildings.
The new hotel wing, “Landeck“, with two conference rooms, was built in 1989. At the same time a small park and extra parking spaces were added.

The little restaurant “Schmalzerhisli” became a part of the Hirschen in 1998. It is a former forest worker’s house that was remodeled to be a cozy restaurant with beer garden and two vacation apartments. In 2003 the rooms in the main house were redesigned, a connection between the guest house and the restaurant was added and the Hans-Jakob-Stube was renovated.


A short summary of the history of our house

  • 1609 Permit to operate as a wine tavern was granted
  • 1782 First mention of the Hirschen innkeeper, Jakob Echle
  •  1921 Restaurant is managed by the Friedrich and Else Junghanns family
  • 1955 Barn and stables are redesigned as an expanded utility room
  • 1968 Nine pins alley is added
  •  1989 New guest house with conference rooms is built
  • 2003 The connection between the guest house and the restaurant is remodeled
  • 2005 Hans-Jakob-Stube is remodeled
  • 2007 Complete renovation of the old building