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Landidyll Pillow menu

Landidyll Pillow menu

Choose your pillow to meet your personal needs. Our team will be happy to put it in your room. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

And if you are absolutely thrilled with the refreshing night’s sleep, as many of our guests are: every pillow can be acquired at the reception desk, ext. 111.
It’s a wonderful souvenir from a relaxing holiday in the Landidyll Hotel Hirschen or a healthy gift for a loved one at home.


Spelt herb pillow

Price €28.00 with pillow case €39.90

Only uncrossed, pure spelt types are used for the Himmelgrün products. A compact support for your spine, adaptable and invaluable thanks to abundant contents which take their effect while you sleep without you noticing it.

The character of the husks provides for an effective tissue massage, soothingly firm, yet soft for an ideal orthopedic position of the entire loco-motor system during sleep.

Fortified with special natural herbs, this mixture guarantees a rejuvenating and relaxing sleep. The natural warmth of the bed ensures that the ethereal herbal substances are set free for the sleeper to unconsciously inhale them.


 Relax Millet Pillow

Price €28.00 with pillow case €39.90

Soft, round organically grown millet husks, quietly cuddly and supple. The pillow for true connoisseurs. Natural, doubly purified, organic millet husks ensure relaxing and rejuvenating hours of rest. The effective, soothing herbal mixture consists of lavender blossoms, hop cones and calming bergamot. A touch of valerian rounds the mixture off and, according to herb lore, wards off bad dreams. Trust the ancient herbal rituals and enjoy the comfort of the night.



Buckwheat vein pillow

For sale for €37.50 with pillow case €44.50

Enhances circulation and opens vessels, sewn as a wedge pillow, especially for elevating the legs. Buckwheat, scientifically proven and chosen as the medicinal plant of the year due to its valuable components. Buckwheat has the wonderful ability to support the affected part of the body excellently and gently. It follows every movement and adapts to every body position. Don’t be surprised if the pillow “wanders” unnoticed from your feet to your head or vice versa in the middle of the night! Your body puts the support where it needs it most and this pillow can be used in any position.



Energy pillow

For sale for €28.00 with pillow case €39.90

A powerful mixture: compact spelt, circulation enhancing buckwheat, millet husks and oat herb. Awake in the morning feeling refreshed and lively after a wonderful night’s sleep with this energy charging station. Feel strengthened for the challenges of the coming day. Because a good day begins with a restful, rejuvenating night.

Energetic herbs like wild mint and horsetail are valuable natural additives with marvelous qualities. They ease sleeplessness, nervousness, headaches and many other symptoms naturally.



Swiss stone pine pillow

Price €28.00 with pillow case €39.90

Pure, organic spelt mixed with Swiss stone pine shavings from organic Austrian forests. Do not pass up the effects of the high-alpine Swiss stone pine. Simply nurtured, valuable, powerful and natural. The results of the latest scientific tests have amazed even the skeptics. The proven qualities are without a doubt the best that nature can offer for your sleeping comfort. We can lie down on it and just close our eyes.  That’s how simple the laws of nature are.



Cherry seed pillow, for sale only

with pillow case €21.00

A simple form,  easy to care for, but with enormous effect. If you always feel chilly or have cold feet, pain or cramps. Natural warmth takes effect quickly and efficiently. Only 100% pure and dried cherry seeds make their way into the Himmelgrün products and to you. You can feel the goodness.


We wish you a good night and sweet dreams

Your  Landidyll Hotel Hirschen

The Junghanns Family and the entire hotel team