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Wolfach Train stop

Round trip

Begin and end of this tour is at the Wolfach Train Stop

Tour 1: All around the Kinzig Valley

Get to know the mountain landscape of the mid Black Forest on this tour from Wolfach up to the mountain town of St. Roman and to the Elmlis Mountain. Enjoy the unique Black Forest panorama and bike back to Wolfach along the Kinzig River.

Tour 2: All around the Kirnbach River

Bike through the dark woods, along the murmuring mountain stream and across the sun-drenched plateaus until you reach the "Katholischer Grub", a gigantic viewpoint high above the Kinzig Valley. Return to Wolfach by way of the Kirnbach Valley.

Tour 3: Little Wolf Valley Tour

Start a discovery tour around the Wolf Valley by way of Hasenkopf and Frauenwald to Walke and via the Gelbach Valley and Frohnbach Valley to Hapbach and Hofberg. Immerse yourself in dark world of mining at the exhibition mine “Grube Wenzel”.

Tour 4: Erzwäsche

Find out a bit about what makes the Black Forest so special on this tour through the Langenbach Valley up to the charming mountain village of St. Roman with its little pilgrimage church. Experience the meadows, woods, mountains and valleys and the best kind of hospitality.