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Kinder im Liegestuhl
Kinder im Liegestuhl


Mineralienhalde, the mineral pit in Wolfach | 7 km
The MiMa – Museum of Minerals and Mathematics displays minerals from the Black Forest in its permanent exhibition and explains mathematical phenomena.
The Mima combines two unique features of the region in a new interactive museum: Black Forest minerals from the Association of the Friends of Minerals and Mines in Oberwolfach and the knowledge from the Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach.

The museum not only displays the minerals from the Black Forest and insights into math, but also the connection between the two areas. Interactive installations help visitors understand the areas of symmetry and crystallography.
We have a free audio guide for children and adults. Please download it to your playback device before you visit the museum.



Exhibition Mine "Grube Wenzel", Oberwolfach-Kirche | 5 km

The exhibition mine Grube Wenzel is a walkable silver mine from the 18th century. Heavy spar, fluorspar and fluorite were mined here.
Today guests can “ride” through the areas of the Grube Wenzel that are open to the general public with a competent guide – a distance of approx. 1000m. Every guided tour lasts around 75 minutes and every visitor is equipped with rubber boots and a helmet. Each group also receives a number of head lamps.
The normal tour in the exhibition mine is suitable for everyone from babies to senior citizens. Please be aware that because of space limitations in the mine, the tour is not suitable for baby buggies, wheel chairs, and walkers.



not far away:

The recreational facility/adventure playground Frohnbach Hexenplatz

If you think you’re happy with just a slide and a swing, then you haven’t experienced the adventure playground at the recreational facility Frohnbach yet. Here you will find a huge tree house, climbing nets and bird’s nest and so much more to discover. The Hexenplatz was established by the carnival group Lempi-Hexen and, over the past years with lots of dedication and many hours of voluntary work, has been further developed into a recreational facility. A path from the town district of Kirche leads directly past the village church into the beautiful Frohnbach Valley where the Grube Wenzel exhibition mine can also be found.


„Park mit allen Sinnen” - Park for the senses, Gutach | 14 km

The „Park mit allen Sinnen” lies in the middle of an area of outstanding natural beauty and offers a perfect view of both the Gutach Valley and the famous Black Forest Railway. The barefoot trail which we have created is over 2km long and formed from various terrains. Along the route, you will come across sensory pavilions, stations for smell and touch, and experience areas in woodlands and meadows. From May onwards, stroll through our flower arbor or enjoy relaxing music in both of our experience areas and on our music terrace. Or have a relaxing picnic in one of our meadows and let your spirits fly. You can, of course, visit the park wearing shoes! Furthermore, you need not worry about bad weather; nothing will hamper your enjoyment of the Park mit allen Sinnen. Of necessary, we can lend you an umbrella at no extra charge. We want you to enjoy your visit.



Rodelbahn – Toboggan run, Gutach | 12 km

Tobogganing is a fun leisure activity for all ages and that’s why the summer toboggan run in Gutach is a great excursion destination for young and old. A very special kind of fun awaits visitors at the toboggan run in Gutach in the Black Forest – pure tobogganing fun on a course that’s over 1,150m long. A lift system brings the tobogganers 300m up to the mountain station. That’s where the fast-paced downhill ride begins. The 1,150m long fun takes you into rotaries, over jumps and through tunnels. Leisure-time fun and enjoyment for the whole family.


Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof, an open-air museum in Gutach | 12 km

The Black Forest open-air museum "Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof" in Gutach is the oldest open-air museum in Baden-Württemberg.  It showcases how people have lived and worked in the Black Forest in the last few centuries. The open-air museum takes its name from the Vogtsbauernhof, or Vogt’s farm, that has stood at this location since 1612 and whose owner was the bailiff of the Gutach Valley around 1650. Hermann Schilli founded the museum in 1963 with this Black Forest house. Over the course of the years, other farm houses have been added. These were taken apart at their original locations and rebuilt in the Vogtsbauernhof open-air museum. The farm houses are complemented by several functional buildings such as mills, storage houses, baking houses and saw mills. There are also farm animals of various old breeds that live on the 5.5 hectare premises. Daily events such as mill shows, crafting performances, special exhibits and activities for children and families as well as themed days. The museum is open every day from the end of March to the beginning of November.



Schwarzwald Modell-Bahn, the Black Forest model railway in Hausach 20 km

The ”big” Black Forest Railway has been travelling between Offenburg and Constance since 1873. At the heart of the journey, it has an altitude difference of 448m over 11km and travels in large loops through 36 tunnels which have a total length of almost 11km. An absolute tour de force!

The model with a scale of 1:87 is also a tour de force: In this 400m² facility, little trains from the current and historical design series ride along 1300m of track through a wonderfully crafted Black Forest landscape. The model trains overcome an altitude difference of 1.8m and travel through the originally reconstructed train stations of the Black Forest Railway cities of Hausach, Hornberg and Triberg. The Black Forest Model Train is the largest model facility built after a real object in all of Europe. It shows visitors the Black Forest and the railway as you would otherwise only see them from an airplane. The painted landscape scenery on the walls appears three dimensional and so close you can almost touch it, thanks to a special method of painting. 40 to 50 trains are always running. You can also see little summer parties, a herd of sheep with a dog, hikers on tiny benches, people working in their yards, barriers that really open and close, signals that blink and so much more. Thanks to a clever floor plan, your first sight of the train is at eye level; further on you see it from above. The model is rounded off by 50,000 fir trees, 12,000 fruit and deciduous trees, authentic bridges and many other detailed reproductions from the one-of-a-kind mountain railway.



 Haslacher Walderlebnispfad – the forest adventure trail , Haslach | 20 km

Fun for the whole family!

Romp, explore nature, practice agility and enjoy the landscape – combined with a stop for refreshments in the beer garden at the playground, mini-golf facility and the Waldsee lake – this family excursion will be great! The parking lot "Waldseeparkplatz" is the ideal place to park – for your GPS-device: enter "Waldseeweg“. You will reach the Waldsee lake after approx. 300 meter. The approx. 4km long adventure tour starts with a display board at the "Waldsee Terrasse“ restaurant. The trail is marked with signs for the "Waldlehrpfad", the educational nature trail, and the "Erlebnispfad", the adventure trail. The hiking trail leisurely leads you along little trials and forest paths to the "Willy-Kern-Hütte", the Willy-Kern lodge, an ideal spot to enjoy the snacks in your backpack before returning on the nature trail to the Waldsee lake. There are 34 information boards about the forest and 7 adventure stations spread out along the trail. Benches allow you to sit down, rest and enjoy.  Afterwards you can play minigolf at the "Waldseeterrasse" restaurant. And while parents enjoy the culinary offerings of the restaurant, the kids can romp on the neighboring playground. A successful excursion! 

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Bärenpark – bear park, Bad Rippoldsau – Schapbach | 12 km

Outdoor facility

 We deliberately avoid the word “enclosure“. We associate that word with an obsolete form of animal management. “Outdoor facility” describes a spacious, natural installation. The facility in the Black Forest Alternative Wolf and Bear Park is home to 8 bears and 3 wolves on 10 hectares.

Open spaces and forest areas evolve in our facility mostly without human intervention. There are bodies of water that the bears love to visit and other natural elements to enrich the lives of the bears. (see also „natural enrichment“)

The night of glowing eyes July 2, 2016

Visitors can hope to experience exciting adventures in the twilight. The wolves are the central focus. During the evening tour, a park expert tells you interesting facts about this charismatic animal, about its way of life and its return to Europe. The Bear Park team lures the wolves out of their hiding places with food. That also catches the bears’ interest. Visitors can hope to experience exciting adventures in the twilight. The wolves are the central focus. During the evening tour, a park expert tells you interesting facts about this charismatic animal, about its way of life and its return to Europe. The Bear Park team lures the wolves out of their hiding places with food. That also catches the bears’ interest.

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Wichtelpfad – the gnome trail, Oberharmersbach | 18 km

Tracking down nature with Hademar the forest gnome

Look closely, marvel and experiment with Hademar the forest gnome

A forest walk with an “aha!”-effect awaits visitors to Oberharmersbach. The approx. 2km-long nature adventure trail offers a playful and entertaining search for clues through nature along the  Katzenhalde in Oberharmersbach. The forest class room in the nature school is the start of the eco-educational program for pre-schools and schools as well as a wonderful spot to take a little break. The badger’s burrow, bird’s nest or Hademar’s residential tower invite you to marvel, play and experiment. The nature adventure trail is open at all times and free of charge. Start and finish is at the Tourist information in Oberharmersbach. Here you will also find a large parking lot. Earn your Hademar Diploma: Hademar the forest gnome explains his world to big and small nature explorers at 20 stations along the trail. If you answer the 11 quiz questions correctly, you can enter the right word at http://www.hademar-waldwichtel.de/ . Your reward is your own personal Hademar diploma with your name for you to print.


Falconry station, Hornberg | 16 km

Falconry shows

The bird of prey shows at the Schlossberg in Hornberg are entering their second season. Regular shows begin on Easter Monday (Monday,  March 28, 2016).

In this one-hour program with a historic backdrop and an impressive view of the Gutach Valley, the professional falconer Franz Ruchlak shows you various birds of prey such as bald eagles, steppe eagles, buzzards, hunting falcons and owls when the fly and catch prey. You will get an extensive picture of their way of life and the special characteristics of the various types of birds of prey, their daily training sessions and the historic and cultural importance of falconry. Experience the birds up-close during a commentated free flight. You will also learn quite a bit about the history of falconry and the characteristics of the birds of prey when they hunt and fly. At the Hornberg bird of prey show, children can also hold and feed a common kestrel with a glove. Please note that the show does not take place in poor weather. (Information directly from Franz Ruchlak at 0172/9985485).

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Adventure Mini.Golf, Oberharmersbach | 20 km


Adventure Mini.Golf

Adventure Mini.Golf is the successful combination of nature, ambience, sport and adventure. Experience 18 holes with regional themes on 3200m² in a beautiful atmosphere. The entire facility has the character of a park and was designed partially according to feng-shui guidelines and lovingly constructed with natural materials. If you would like, you can take off your shoes and feel the bark mulch, wood chips, pebbles and grass on the paths under your feet or let your spirit soar in the hammock! Forget everything you have ever learned about minigolf – Adventure Mini.Golf is different! We serve various snacks (also vegetarian), salads, ice cream, beer, coffee and much more in the entrance building, which is reminiscent of Hundertwasser’s architecture, and in the garden restaurant …. Let your children play at the adventure playground for a while, watch the other golfers and enjoy the beautiful park.



Burgbach Waterfall  | 4 km

The Burgbach stream lies hidden in the forest. But once you’ve discovered it you won’t stop gushing. The water plunges more than 32m over a cliff – one of Germany’s highest, free-falling waterfalls.


Wolftal – Outdoor swimming pool & leisure facility

This heated forest swimming pool is located in an idyllic forest clearing directly at the Wolf River, approx. 4km away from the hotel. A large sun-bathing lawn with garden chess, table tennis, beach volley ball, minigolf and a children’s playground invite you to stay and relax a while. Water lovers can also enjoy a large non-swimmers’ area, children’s pool and baby pool.

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