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Energy Massages

Energy massages with Simone Hacker from "Ankommen Massagen mit Herz & energetische Arbeit"


 M A S S A G E   W I T H   H E A R T

Touch the soul through the body! Relaxation  – transformation – resolution
Thanks to the deep relaxation that we achieve with this massage, you  descend into a state in which regeneration and an intensive relaxation can occur. Your body’s self-healing powers are activated.

Duration 30 minutes (Back)  |  €25

Duration 60 minutes (Back, legs, feet)  |  €50
Duration 90 minutes (Back, legs, feet, face)  | €80



S I N G I N G   B O W L  M A S S A G E

The singing bowl: an instrument for your inner well-being.  The combination of the quiet resonating sound and the gentle vibration has a soothing effect on your whole body. The vibrations of the singing bowls are combined with intentions.  This supports changes in the body, mind and soul. Delve into a world of resonating sound and vibration.

The singing bowls are placed on various parts of the clothed body and struck gently. Because the human body is made up of 70% water, the body takes the vibrations and sends them on into the tiniest cell. A deep, captivating relaxation results from the harmonious sounds. A singing bowl massage loosens blockages and activates the flow of the body’s own energy.

Duration approx. 30 minutes  |  €25





F A C I A L   M A S S A G E

A facial massage is a caress for your soul. Our facial expression is an unmistakable sign of our psychological condition. The look in your eyes, the wrinkles or impurities, all of this can tell us about our emotions and condition Who doesn’t know about „worry” lines? Our face is a mirror of our body as a whole. When the face is massaged, the organs and emotions are also influences.  During this massage the whole body is stimulated through reflex zones on your face and ears. It can act as a natural face-lifting: your skin becomes smoother, the facial muscles relax and you begin to radiate from the inside out.  Also very good to relax the chewing muscles in the jaw.

Duration approx. 30 Minuten (Gesicht, Nacken, Schulter)  |  30 €




C U P P I N G  G L A S S   M A S S A G E

The effects of cupping:

Pain relief  |  anti-inflammatory  |  circulation stimulation  |  strengthening of the immune system  |  regulation of tissue pressure (edema)  |  Regulation of the acid-base balance  |  cellulitis relief  |  smoothing and tightening of the skin  |  stimulation of the lymph flow  |  purification and detoxification  |  The healing process for many illnesses is accelerated, or the pain is lessened  |  Pain-causing substances are transported away more quickly

Duration approx. 30 minutes back, shoulders, neck  | €30

Duration approx. 60 minutes full-body  |  €50
(depending on how the skin reacts )



 C L A S S I C    W E L L N E S S  M A S S A G E
Duration approx. 50 minutes  |  €55

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